Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Every working day I switch-on the computer to check my tasks, schedule and what’s happening in the world.  Before I even get to those, I look at my Gratitude List.

Gratitude is a powerful, positive emotion.  Reminding myself of all my blessings is the perfect way to start the day.  In this season of gratitude, I’d like share some of the things for which I’m so grateful:

  • For the courage, kindness and patience of the woman I love,
  • For a job I enjoy and the ability to help people who like me,
  • To live in a country where I can be as much as I can make of myself and
  • To benefit from others who made the most of their opportunities,
  • To live in a time of health where things that would have killed me in previous generations were better in a week (although slightly less grateful for the cost of insuring care lately 😊),
  • For dear friends and family, both here and gone, who lit my way and
  • Parents who taught me to love learning.

There are others.  Thanks so much for the chance to reaffirm just how much I appreciate being right here right now.  

Enjoy all the blessings of the season with the ones you love, sh